Always heppy to help

Car-n-Go Salonika Taxi offers individual and group transfer services on routes connecting the villages of the Halkidiki , the city of Thessaloniki and other settlements of Northern Greece. Transfers to the capital of Greece Athens and the Peloponnese are possible. Unlike to most private taxi companies, we are not limited to the tourist season, but operate year-round. We are always ready to provide our clients with other services: selection of real estate for rent, excursions in Russian with a certified guide, assistance in organizing pilgrimage trips and much more.


70% of our customers order transfers of this particular type. We will quickly and safely deliver you from the airport to the hotel or to your booked villa (cottage, apartment), and on the day of your departure, we will deliver you right by the time you check in your return flight


Meeting at the airport

An employee of our company will meet you at the airport with a sign on which your name will be indicated, and will lead you to the car. You do not need to worry about anything because our employees will wait for you, even if your flight is late.


Business travel

Would you like to invest in a Greek resort property or are you looking for a plot of land for building a hotel? Car-n-Go Salonika Taxi will take you to every point on your planned route to inspect the investment object and to participate in negotiations with its owners.


VIP taxi

Car-n-Go Salonika Taxi company offers an elite taxi service on executive cars. A full range of services - from meeting a VIP client at the airport to participate in a wedding procession


Special destinations

Transfers to Meteora’s monasteries, to Mount Olympus or to the city of Kastoria, where our customers purchase world famous fur products, are very popular. These trips differ from the usual transfer in that the driver waits for you and brings you back to Thessaloniki or to your hotel on Ηalkidiki. And in the case of buying a fur coat in Kastoria, he will also recommend you reliable stores with a good reputation


Freight transportation

Our Company Car-n-Go Salonika. Taxi will also help those who equip their own apartment or house in Thessaloniki or on Halkidiki. We deliver furniture, household appliances, electronic devices from the store